General questions

Q.: Have you photographed at my venue before?
A.: Let's admit, no one likes unexpected surprises when it comes to such a serious event as your wedding day! We're here to make sure your special day will be flawless, at least photography-wise (this is why you're looking for a professional photographer in the first place, right?!). Though we have photographed at hundreds of different venues, we always visit a venue if we haven't been there before. 

Q.: Do you provide partial day coverage?
A.: Our team would be happy to cover your event! Though, on Saturdays we only accept events that require at least 6 hrs of photography. To check our availability on weekdays and Sundays, please email us: or fill out a contact form.

Q.: Can I see a full event?
A.: Yes. We understand that all photographers put up only best shots on their websites so its hard to determine how well the photographer performs throughout the event. That's why we encourage our clients to meet and view our full galleries…and do that with EVERY photographer you meet! 

Q.: Do you photograph destination weddings?
A.: Yes! Our destination wedding packages are just our standard packages plus the cost of travel and reasonable accommodations. Email for details.
GREAT NEWS!!! Great NEWS!!! This year we are expanding our wedding photography coverage to Vieques island, Puerto Rico! If you are considering a destination wedding or an elopement to a beautiful tropical island, give us a call to get a special price package!

Q.: How many photographers do you work with?
A.: All of our event packages include two photographers, unless it's an intimate celebration or a small (not more than 30 people) wedding. 
Engagement package includes one photographer and may need assistant if we're shooting an editorial-type love story. 

Q: Do you notify us if someone else wants to book our date? 
A: We do not, because we work on first come first serve basis.

Q.: Can I give you a list of specific shots we would like?
A.: Being professional wedding photographers for years, we do know the usual routine of the wedding day and have worked out a list for ourselves. But we do understand that there're many great ideas you can come up with and.. of course..Pinterest!:) So if you have any ideas & suggestions, feel free to send them our way and we'll do our best to bring them to life.
The only thing we ask from our couples is a list of people you want to see in your family shots. We want to be sure everyone in your family is happy!

Q.: What attire will the photographer and their assistants wear?
A.: Typical photographers' attire (depending on the weather) is dark color suite pants and dress shirt.

Style and quality

Q.: What is your photography style? 
A.: We hope you are reading this AFTER you've seen our portfolio:)
We love candid moments and creativity! To achieve those results, we use unique angles, perspectives and post production to create a memorable and fun composition. You've probably heard it a thousand times from different photographers, but we'd like to repeat that again - the best photography style is the one that reflects YOUR personality! So, if you like what you see in our portfolio, let's proceed! 
Some brides and grooms like to be photographed like models, others prefer more traditional or candid style. Please, be sure, we have all the skills and equipment to make either one happen and provide you with flawless results! 

Q.: Do you have experience shooting in various lighting situations?
A.: Absolutely! Show me a professional photographer who doesn't like to play with light? :) Of course, tastes differ, we understand. Still, we believe that every wedding photographer has to know how to shoot an outside ceremony and make great action-dancing shots even in dim/dark lighting conditions. 

Post production

Q.: How many images do you provide?
A.: Great question!…but do you know how many great moments will happen at your wedding?; how many smiles you will give to your loved ones? or how many wild dances will your guests perform? The number of photos greatly depend on these moments! On average, our couples receive between 900-1200 images from an 8-hour wedding.
Engagement photo sessions usually include 70-150 photos. 

Q.: Will you watermark our images?
A.: No, we do not watermark your High-resolution images. You can use them for printing, enlarging, thank you notes, etc. We also include low-res images on your USB for email and media sharing. However, these images are watermarked in the corner of the image.

Q.: Do you provide RAW images?
A.: RAW images are not included on your final USB. We take pride in our work and editing skills, so we will do our best to provide you with the best JPEG moments of your special day (unless you need just this one shot you'd like to play with yourself!).

Q: Is there an additional charge for the online gallery?
A: No, online galleries are available for all couples for free. 

Q: How soon will we receive our photos?
A: The USB of your event photos is usually ready in as little as 6 weeks after your special day and no longer than 8 weeks. Engagement can be ready as soon as 3 weeks.


Q: Can we order the albums later?
A: Yes, albums can be ordered anytime even after the wedding. Production time for an album is 2-3 weeks.

Q: How many images do you usually use in each album design?
A: All of our album designs are different. Some album spreads are just one large photograph, others can have 5-12 photographs per page. We do our best to tell the story of your wedding day and try to incorporate as many of your favorite images as we can. Also, before sending albums to our printing lab, we will send you a proofing link to make sure you're happy with a design.